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Drain Cleaning & Sewer Leak Repair for Wylie, TX & the Surrounding Area

To see garbage scattered in the front yard for everyone to view (and smell) is embarrassing to any property owner. How much more if the sewer line suddenly leaks or bursts open? Your neighbors do not even have to see what is coming out from the leakage as the stench could travel with the wind that enters the homes and establishments nearby.

Sewer line troubles could be one of the messiest situations in structural repairs. This is why you should trust the experts at Harvey West Plumbing to handle your Plano sewer line installations. We also do sewer line maintenance and repair to make sure you don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of a sewer line leak.

Reliable Drain Cleaning Services

Between the kitchen and the bathroom, there is a lot of plumbing that runs through your home. If you aren't experienced with plumbing, it is best to call a reliable contractor as you could do more harm to your plumbing system than good. Oftentimes, these fixes are only temporary solutions. For greater peace of mind when it comes to drain cleaning in the Allen, McKinney, Plano, Wylie, Murphy, Parker, Sachse, and Richardson, TX areas, contact the team at Harvey West Plumbing.

Over time, your kitchen drain may start to run slower. This is most likely due to a clog from a build-up of grease, food, soap, and more. Our plumbing repair team can help you unclog your kitchen drain to prevent the issue from becoming worse. Bathroom drains experience the same type of issues as hair, soap scum, and toothpaste can cause challenges. Our drain cleaning services can help improve your plumbing systems. Some signs to look out for that indicate you need plumbing repairs include drains going down slow, standing water in the drain/shower, weird noises coming from your plumbing fixtures, and unpleasant smells.

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The Most Common Causes of Drain Clogs

A clogged drain can cause foul odors and major plumbing problems if not taken care of timely. Blocked drains are a very common plumbing problem. If you notice your drain is clogged, it is best to call a professional at Harvey West Plumbing for a drain cleaning. Below are some of the most common causes of a drain clog.

  • Hair: Hair is a big culprit in drain blockage in showers, bathtubs, and laundry drains. Hair is one of the most stubborn clogs because it binds with grease and other substances making for a slow flow or complete blockage.
  • Soap: Soap is used to clean dishes, clothing, and our bodies, so the last thing you would think it is doing is clogging our drains. Soap bars are made with grease or fat, which, when combined with minerals in the water, creates a hard residue, also known as soap scum, causing slow drainage or backups.
  • Food Waste: Food is usually only a problem in kitchen sinks; even if you have a garbage disposal, it is recommended not to put food waste down the drain. Foods such as bacon grease will solidify in pipes and cause a blockage if not disposed of properly.
  • Tree Roots: You may be thinking, how can a tree root affect the drains in my home? Tree roots are one of the top causes of clogs and blockages in water and sewer mains. A minor crack in your pipes can attract tree root growth; the more significant the growth, the more water it will obstruct, ultimately causing substantial damage to your pipes.

Now that you know some of the causes of a clogged drain, you can do your best to prevent blockages. Even when doing your best to prevent a drain clog, it is still bound to happen occasionally. Don’t panic; just call Harvey West Plumbing for a drain cleaning. We proudly provide services to Allen, McKinney, Wylie, Plano, TX, and the surrounding areas.


Why You Should Choose Us For Sewer Line Repair

We know that having your sewer lines installed properly prevents a lot of headaches in the future. Our sewer line installation and repair professionals are trained in the latest industry standards and keep their methods and equipment up to date to insure that your family is protected from sewer seepage.

If you are looking for a professional plumber in Plano & the surrounding areas, please call us today at 972-905-9279 or complete our online request form.

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